“I thought that speaking Dutch would be very scary, but she made me feel at ease trying it.” Juliano


Dutch lessons

In the Netherlands, learning the language can be quite challenging. A lot of Dutch people speak (some) English and might not always have the patience to speak Dutch with foreigners. They have a tendency to switch to English pretty quickly. At Leerstation Haarlem I will challenge you in a safe environment to speak Dutch as much as possible. Grammar is a vital and important element to the lessons, but it should never be a show stopper for conversations.

Language is all about communication. And having taught languages for many years now, I find that the most important, vital element is overcoming the fear to speak. What good does it do to know the grammar rules by heart if you can’t talk to other people because you get stuck trying to formulate all those perfect sentences with immaculate grammar? Don’t get me wrong, I am an absolute fan of proper grammar and spelling (and better at it than most), but in my book it’s just as important to learn how to communicate.

I can help you to find ways of getting the message through, even if you’re still an absolute beginner. I will also teach you the first basics of grammar of course. And at a more advanced level, we will focus on the finer details of all the spelling and grammar rules and expanding your vocabulary.

Click here to contact me to schedule a free and noncommittal intake meeting. We can discuss your current level, expectations and needs so that I can offer a customized learning path for you personally. All of course aimed at the goals you yourself would like to achieve.