For more information or to schedule an appointment:

WhatsApp: 06-13719623*
* Given the fact that I teach regularly, it can be difficult to reach me by phone. If you send me an email or a WhatsApp message, then of course I can call you at a convenient moment.


Leerstation Haarlem is located at the Stationsplein, directly opposite Haarlem bus and train station. The main entrance is at number 80. The school is on the second floor (third, if you are American).


The building has an elevator. If you’d like to use it, please let me know in advance, since in that case it is better to use the building’s back entrance at the Lange Herenstraat.

Public transport

Given the location, Leerstation Haarlem is easily accessible by both bus and train.


If you come by bike, please place it in one of the bike racks or assigned zones for bicycles around the train station or in the Lange Herenstraat. Wrongly placed bikes could be removed by the municipality.


Leerstation Haarlem is next to the station car park. If you just want to drop off your child and pick it up again at the end of the lesson, please let me know in advance. The back entrance is conveniently located next the Lange Herenstraat’s turning circle, so we can best meet there.