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Leerstation Haarlem is located at the Spaarndamseweg 120 (A13), facing the river Spaarne. The main entrance is at the corner of the Spaarndamseweg and the Wefstraat. The school is on the first floor (second, if you are American).


There is no elevator in the building. To the first floor there are two separate sets of stairs, with not too many steps each.

Public transport

From the exit on the north side of Haarlem train station (towards Prinsen Bolwerk) it's a 10 minute walk to Spaarneoffice. Cross the Kennemerbrug and turn right towards the Zocherstraat for the shortest route.


Free parking is available in the Werfstraat and at the parking areas of the small shopping mall (with Vomar, Aldi and Action).